Elective – What it means in DIST,CEG??

Studying in Department of Information Science and Technology, I find the elective system followed here ridiculous to the core. Next semester we have two elective subjects. The elective in charge for the class, Mr.Headstrong announces “Give us your preferred set of electives .. 2 I guess… within two days without fail…”! The students start chattering over the elective topic and he interrupts “try to give two subjects common throughout the class so that we can easily manage staff.. it would be very difficult to provide more than two electives”.

Does he know the meaning of elective paper?
Why is this lazygoose taking such a responsiblity if he finds it hard ?
Should I choose a subject that I am not interested in just for the sake of saving this laggard’s work?

All these questions go through my head in a fraction of second .. clearly not for the first time! yes!! It has become a trend in CEG atleast in my department to get students struck up when it comes to electives. Why don’t they allocate additional staff so that students can atleast have one optional subject?? Instead of being so frugal with staff they can just abolish the concept of electives and allot a compulsory subject in its place…!

It’s high time for an institution of this standard to atleast understand the rationality behind the existence of ‘elective paper’ in the curriculum. Electives present students an opportunity to read and develop their knowledge in their area of interest. And this golden opportunity is ruined by the sluggishness and stubborn nature of some people in the department.

Hope it gets better not worse atleast in future….!!!


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