Adieu 2011 outing from TI

I joined Texas Instruments in August and I must admit that it appeared too serious to enjoy until December :p

Then began the end of 2011 celebrations and the much hyped Team outing for our business unit. Thanks to Mohan Vamshi, our HR head who planned the venue and made reservations just in time.

We decided to celebrate 2011 achievements (though I dint contribute a dust! :p) at Xtremezone, Manchinbele. The exaggerated pics in the website only managed to create more excitement about the place.

We were instructed to be at office by 7am and it appeared only the NCGs took it serious! Finally people started arriving at around 8am and we kick started the outing in 2 buses (1 led by Vamshi and other by Satya) 🙂

On the way 🙂

Waiting for people to come outside TI 😀

All NCGs got into the bus led by Satya expecting lesser damage but later found that there were quite lot of people in our bus also to create enough trouble ragging.

In bus - complaining about supervisors! :p

I had already overheard Satya and Vamshi planning for fun games during the journey since it was anticipated to take a painfully long time to reach the venue given the traffic situation in Bangalore.

Moments after the bus started, discussions began on how could NCGs possible be ragged during the travel. But seniors seemed not to be in their cruel best and they settled with some light stuff. They asked us to complain about our supervisors which went quite good credit to our dry time at office :p We all managed to blast our supervisors after getting a non disclosure agreement by word from the enthusiasts listening.

Then we started playing truth and dare. Credits to Satya & Vamshi for spending enough time selecting quite a huge number exciting truths and dares to ask.

It was weird and thrilling to play with our senior managers and business unit heads but nobody seemed to bother much as we were too much immersed into the fun and excitement.

Finally after few participants gave flying kisses to passers on the road and sang rhymes to random strangers we managed to reach the venue for outing.

The buses could not take us further near to the venue and hence we had to cover the rest of the distance by walk. The place looked dry and sunny. Given the weather situation in Bangalore it was quite amicable scenario.

After a long walk and being left behind once by the rest of the team, we managed to reach the happening place of Xtremezone with few wooden huts and chambers. They served breakfast and we dint mind since we were overwhelmed by hunger (though anviksha managed to engulf few Idlis before starting! argh!!). After, all managers starting pulling out their expensive coolers and posing for photos lightly. It was quite amusing to discover people talking about optimizing execution of activities all the time,  can indeed have fun. Finally after photoshoot and costume change, we decided to start the ‘adventure’ activities.

We were split into two groups and taken to different activities. We started with “Zapping” – wow exciting :p The activity seemed absolutely simple and I began to wonder why it is tagged “adventurous”. But after Rajesh crashed  foot first on tree it managed to jerk enough adrenaline. After the event, we discovered that our fate is completely in the hands of a person top who should pull the brake wire to stop us before we crash with the tree. 🙂

After zapping, we moved to Rappelling zone where we had to descend a rock (small cliff to exaggerate! :p) while we are tied to a rope. This one seemed quite adventurous inspite of the rock being small since balancing with a rope seemed to be a lot challenging. But since the first sport din’t quite manage to drain our excitement, we queued up quickly to try this one out! 😀

As soon as I got ready with my gear (again exaggeration! just a helmet and hip belt! :p ) I climbed to the top of the rock using the arrangement available. It looked easier as breathing to see others doing it. Just before I took my turn, the person who started descending lost grip on his foot and ended up hanging with the support on his gear! Then he had to manage again pushing himself perpendicular to rocks in order to continue his descent down the rock.

Rappelling at Snail pace! :p

I managed to clarify and suck out enough details on how I should descend from the guys helping us out. Then, I started out slowly and within few steps I  understood the physics on how this thing works. Then I even managed to take few peeps below to see how much I have descended by then. It was a thrilling experience to balance our weight perpendicular to the rocks partially cheating gravity and descending down! Smooth as cream it was and we moved on to the more familiar next activity! “Paint ball”

Paintball - Gearing up!

Paintball was very familiar but the place seemed to neither have proper space or gear for playing ! The idea of playing paintball in open space was inviting until we started testing it. Again NCGs managed to group in one team against few seniors in other team. We had few rocks to provide cover but clearly not enough. I was forced to take a tree as my cover as the referee blew the whistle. The opposition was clearly strong as they managed to attack while we din’t get to move from our positions. I got shot once since my cover was not really doing its job. Then I few people from the opposition before I exhausted my bullets. I hate those helmets used for paintball. They literally blind us.. How do they expect us to aim and shoot! 😦

After all the dry activities we had a nice lunch (chicken!! :p ) and rested for sometime. Then we could not resist the water in the lake beside the venue. So, within minutes we were all swimming in water with jackets on. The water so cold and it was wonderful to swim after nearly a year. But not for long. I began getting cramp in one leg. When I tried swimming back, I managed to cramp my other leg too. I understood that I have not swam for a long time and this fact is taking toll in the middle of the water now.

After resting for sometime with Shivraj’s support I managed to reach the shallow portions and walk some distance. Then when the situation improved I swam back. It was shit ridiculous when few guys got struck in the currents and we had to take rescue boats (its just a kayak boat) to pull them back :p As soon as we came out of water, we started to shiver. Followed by a costume change, we climbed up to volleyball court and played for sometime until everyone were ready.

Then we played some serious team building activities and used some revolutionary team communication skills (patented by Gokul and Penda :p can;t reveal details here) to emerge as winner in that activity! thanks to Gokul and Penda 😀 😀 ‘n Vamshi!!

With not much energy left we headed back to our buses thinking that the day was done. But soon as our return journey started, we understood that Vamshi and Satya ended up in the same bus, Hence making it impossible to rest now. 🙂 Vamshi started imitating people around in the bus to a very good extent. And Satya, Sarthak started Dumb C ‘n Guess who. We had some fine personalities thought by Naren which was literally impossible to find.

In the end, we finally reached back at around 8 pm tired and lazy filled with happiness and satisfaction. 😀 People generally cherished their achievements in 2011. Though we did not having anything to celebrate, we NCGs thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our managers and seniors better. Thanks for such a memorable outing !! 😀


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