Why should bunking stop at College?

Breakfast at Road side dhabba

I have always wondered how my seniors or classmates managed to become overnight professionals just after getting out of college. In most situations, I struggle to get that ‘midas’ touch and since it seems so challenging, these days I just don’t care. Even in the most simulating work environments, the very routine nature of events happening in office (yes the meeting-coding-facebooking-tweeting cycle) creates a craving for some kind of adventure.

Yes, it din’t take long for me too.. With new year on the cards where few people are already fearing destruction of world, me and my NCG friends at Texas Instruments wanted to add some color to this new year celeb.  We chose to adventure in a silly way.. ‘bunk’ office on a fine Wednesday and disappear somewhere. It all started as usual at a coffee table discussion where all of us wanted to spend some sick leaves. The plot was clear from the moment of inception – to travel somewhere.

Miss Anvi with her elaborate knowledge about the outskirts of Bangalore, came up with two ‘cool’ trip plans:

  • Hokkenagal
  • Shivanasamudram

Both places are almost equally far and well known for their super natural waterfalls. After a quick research by all participants we decided to choose Shivanasamudram falls since it seemed to have less restrictions and time constraints. Then we booked a cab and packed our bags hoping for a nice adventurous trip next morning.

The schedule for the cab driver was to pick me up first and then go to all others houses, finally leaving by 8am. But the driver managed to delay the schedule by around 40 mins. We started from my place around 7 40 am and managed to pick Saurabh, Lokesh by 8 10 am. Then we proceeded to pick Anviksha near Pizza hut and managed to spot her after some initial struggle. The cab driver began to wonder if this was some kind of call center pick up trip when we said that Shivraj has to join us en-route at Koramangala.

Shivraj partly frustrated by the delay managed to get sleep off at his house and finally reached after being waked up by our calls on reaching his pick up spot. Everything except the driving seemed to be near perfect. At moments I had to stick to my seats and close eyes when he tried some weird movie type overtakes. Before the worse started, we reached a breakfast dhabba and managed to grab some dosa-vadas. After clicking few snaps we decided to continue over trip to reach as soon as possible.

Now I decided to grab back seat to prevent a cardiac arrest owing to the cab driver’s adrenaline thirst. Lokesh who was left without an option to take the front seat managed to doze off avoiding the thrill. 😀 Finally, after all the commotion we reached the Gaganachukki falls. Though the way was not so seemingly beautifully to lead to a waterfall, I must say we were quite impressed with the very sight of this mighty falls even from a far off view point.  Without hesitation we popped out our digi cams and started clicking each other in front of a portion of the scenery.  It dint take long for us to realize that we had in fact reached a wrong place thinking it to be the view point. We could locate the proper viewpoint to be diagonally opposite to the place were we chose to snap.

@ Gaganachukki (wrong viewpoint :p )

We could not delay further from getting drenched in the falls and hence proceeded straight to Barachukki falls where we could get into the waters. After reaching the point beyond which the cab can’t take us, we took our bags and started with high hopes of fun and excitement. The falls is situated in such a manner that in order to get to the bottom of it, we need to climb down around 200 steps that are raised higher than usual. We managed to reach the bottom soon after capturing the beauty of the falls in our digi cams.

To our delight there were traditional round boats taking us on a small trip around the water falls region. It was my first round boat ride and I was undoubtedly excited about it. The boat man was very kind and balanced the boat well for all of us with overflowing excitement to get in and stay put.  The water was cold and we played for sometime until we were awestruck by the intensity of the falls. It was cold and small water droplets carried by air managed to reach us and occupy notable spots in our snaps. The boat man agreed to rotate the boat and place each us in a position so that we could click snaps with the mighty falls in the background. Then he did a fast rotations continuously like they do placing heroines in round boat. Anyways it was a unique enjoyable experience.

After finishing  the boat ride, we din’t want to waste a second outside water. Immediately changing, we crossed a water stream to get close to the falls. After placing our bags in line of sight, we slowly started walking into the waters. Every step we took, the chillness of the waters cut through our skin deeper and deeper. LOL 😀 we decided to neutralize the feeling by drenching ourselves completely into water. Yes this did work! 😀 Then, we approached the bottom of the falls quickly. The rocks en route where quiet sharp and Lokesh in fact managed to get his feet cut (luckily on the surface)

Boat ride

Water was forceful enough to create a massaging effect on our body. We enjoyed standing under the falls and taking the falls intensity directly on our head and back. We din;t mind interruptions from other groups who wanted to enjoy our privileged spots for some time. Inspite of the water being shallow we saw few people jumping into it. After spending good time under the falls we decided to take a break. We all walked from one end to other end of the waters and played few games. We also tried floating on the waters. All of us started shivering in a while as it too cold outside the waters. Despite, we again rushed below the falls and continued to enjoy. It was my first close encounter with waterfall and I loved it completely. All this time, my visit to falls was surrounded by warnings every minute from my parents and restrictions all around. But this was completely different and adventurous.

After clicking few snaps colored with energy, we decided to leave. There was a pretty decent place to change and we grabbed few samosas to quench our hunger. Then, we realized that we had to climb back all the 236 high raised steps to reach the cab. We felt so tired after coming out from the waters and this was too demanding for our stamina levels. We started and slowly managed to reach the top. Immediately rushed into our cab and grabbed the snacks inside to console our tired souls.

En route to falls

We had no energy left but wanted to visit the view point that we missed. The driver found the right way to the view point and managed to take us there. We had tender coconut water and some masala pori at the place. We could also see the huge hydro electric project constructed based on this falls from the view point. Some of us even wondered the fate of doing a sky dive or bungee at this place. 😀 😀 Finally after filling our hearts with the beauty of this mighty falls, we started our way back home. 🙂

Posing amidst shivers


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